A true understanding of mobile phone signal jammers

A true understanding of mobile phone signal jammers

Due to the development of communication technology, personal mobile communication technology has brought convenience to people's daily lives, and the negative impact caused to cells, detention centers and other similar places has become increasingly prominent. Once a mobile phone is illegally brought into a cell and put to use, it may have a great impact on the management and security of cells, detention centers and other places. Therefore, only by establishing a truly effective mobile phone signal blocking system can we provide strong technological protection for cells and detention centers.

However, because the current market is uneven, many cheap cell phone jammers are mainly suitable for use in general civilian venues due to limitations in performance parameters, stability, and operating conditions. They are often used in large and medium-sized venues such as prisons and prisons. There may be corresponding problems, such as problems with the impact of opening up, and some may even seriously affect public communications.

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Why do the mobile phone signal jammers purchased by the Provincial Prison Administration Bureau have such a big impact on surrounding mass communications? I will analyze it briefly below. If there are any shortcomings, please correct me:

1. Technically speaking, the signal blocker is actually a small branch of the wireless jammer system. Its essence is electronic countermeasures, or called co-screen interference, which uses devices to transmit high-frequency data through wireless antennas. signal, so that when the mobile phone receives a declining signal, it will cause a bit error and be unable to recognize and access the network. The mobile phone will display as no network status, meeting the requirements of signal blocking;

2. As for mobile phone signal blocking, we all know that it will affect the decline. However, due to the constraints of a series of factors such as technical costs, prices, and manufacturing, it is difficult to guarantee that it will only affect the decline. Therefore, some illegal manufacturers want to improve the actual impact. As a result, precise frequency range adjustment is not performed, resulting in a partial impact on the upward and downward momentum. This can indeed further improve the interference ability and have an indirect effect, but it gives up the interests of the public;

3. In the same room, the signal may change greatly at different locations and at different times. According to actual experience, it can be about 10dBm. In terms of conversion efficiency, the difference is 10 times. It is not difficult to see that signal shielding on mobile phones is actually a project with high technical standards, and it cannot be solved by simply purchasing a signal jammer and installing it yourself. On-site survey, power calculation formula, engineering construction design plan, machine equipment adjustment, etc. are all closely related.

4. Purchasing and installing more than 300 cell phone signal jammers as a prison cell has its own problems from a professional perspective. When signal shielding is needed in a large-scale complex environment, a large-scale gain antenna should be used. Shielding is carried out by integrating small-scale leakage through indoor antenna supplementary optimization methods. The angle of the antenna and the power of the equipment require professional personnel to configure and adjust it to achieve strict shielding inside the prison and outside the prison. No impact on actual results. For short-term signal shielding in schools, high-quality low-power portable signal jammers or temporary wireless wiring can be used.

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