A device to prevent fraudulent activities

A device to prevent fraudulent activities

There are various mobile jammers. It is applied in many places. Here is a description of jamming equipment suitable for schools. This device is popular in schools. There is a good reason. In the classroom, I've heard news that the teacher forcibly cuts off the student's mobile phone communication. I used this device only during my class. The use of cell phone jammer during class is for educational purposes. Some students are secretly using their mobile phones. Even with caution, some students use the phone.

I think it will interrupt the lesson and reduce the concentration of all the students. Students ignore the teacher's lecture. Many teachers strive to stop sending messages during class. There is no effect. Therefore, use a device that interferes with the telephone signal. As a result of considering such circumstances, we will use a deterrent device. This product has a function to suppress calls. There is a movement to improve the concentration of students. I have to get a license
Must be. It is necessary to meet certain requirements.

Handheld Portable GPS Jammer Blocks GSM 3G 4G WiFi Frequency

I've heard of a cheat case using a mobile phone during an exam at school. It is getting a lot of attention. A policy to submit is required. As a measure to prevent fraudulent activities in the exam, we will introduce a telephone barrier at the school exam site. Suppress mobile phone communication. Take the student's mobile phone out of service. There is no complicated operation. GPS jamming maintains test fairness. The purpose is to verify the effectiveness of fraud prevention measures and the impact on the outside of the classroom. It directly interferes with the communication of mobile phones, etc.

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