4 Solutions for Drone Filling Systems

4 Solutions for Drone Filling Systems

The widespread use of drones has forced the creation of counter-drones with system technology.

The drone industry has grown a lot over the past few years, with Sience continuing to improve and change. High-tech drones, which used to be seen only in sci-fi movies, are now being used discreetly in various fields such as military reconnaissance, environmental testing, troop patrols, inspections, disaster relief, news reporting, obvious and logistical, long-range, and more. It shows a surge in surveying and mapping, agricultural irrigation, etc., and various fields. As drone prices continue to drop, the "universal access to drones" predicted by some experts is likely to materialize in the near future. Due to the obvious characteristics of constant altitude, extreme speed, concealment and robustness, UAVs also play an increasingly important role in warfare, posing a huge threat all the time.

Airspace Defense Traditional national systems. However, a UAV flight management system has not been established. Misused drones are a greater risk to public safety and personal privacy.

In the face of the above-mentioned problems brought about by the widespread use of drones, new companies that interfere with drones are gradually taking shape. Many countries, including China, the United States, Russia, Germany, and the United Kingdom, have made urgent demands and plans over the past few years, as well as actively investigating drones crammed into their systems.

Portable High Power Box-Type Drone Jammer Interception System

The filling system consists of two functional parts: first, perception and detection; second, filling.

Generally, high-tech drones can be divided into four types: , Monitor signal fraud, if it damages and interfere, the details are:

1. Destruction type: includes an anti-drone laser cannon, which mainly targets drones and destroys them with direct force.

2. Monitoring: cut off the UAV launch password, control the UAV, and guide the return flight

3. Spoofing Signals

There are usually two types of GPS signal camouflage:

a. Autonomous Signal Cheating: A cheating system is the interval between the false signal and the receiver of the user being sent. The receiver then calculates erroneous data for position and velocity.

This seems to have great operability, but in fact, in order to realize this cheating signal, we have completely mastered the structure of the GPS signal, including the code structure, operation content, etc., which are the core technology of the GPS system. . Needless to say, obtaining the corresponding technical information is quite difficult.

b. Repeated signal cheating: The GPS system principle does not provide satellite adjustment and the time that the local computer (including Beidou and Glonass) directly reaches the target location, and the user's receiver provides GPS satellites. The user's receiver then resolves their location and time services through them. No matter how the GPS is encrypted, the advantage of this method is that we can bypass the frequency of the satellite downlink and achieve signal cheating.

4. Drone jammer: UAV and remote control, high power generation interferes with RF frequency emission, forcing the UAV to return or slowly destroy the landing link.

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