Will the frequency jammer interfere with the precision power supply? If there is an impact, how to avoid and solve the interference problem?

Will the frequency jammer interfere with the precision power supply? If there is an impact, how to avoid and solve the interference problem?

When purchasing and using frequency jammers, some customers in factories or workshops express this very concern: Will the signal jammer interfere with the electrical equipment in the workshop, especially some of the precision power supplies?

So, will the frequency jammer interfere with conventional electrical equipment? The answer is no, the frequency jammer is only a radio frequency signal that is emitted. Taking the most common mobile phone frequency jammer as an example, the frequency of the interference signal it emits is the same as the frequency band of the mobile phone. Therefore, the mobile phone frequency jammer is also Just interfere with the phone. However, there is also a situation that needs to be explained. If the use of electrical equipment requires WiFi connection and communication, it is necessary to explain the situation to the manufacturer of our frequency jammer in advance, that is, we are required to avoid the WiFi frequency band when leaving the factory and keep The normal communication connection of the wifi signal does not interfere with the signal.

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Customers are also concerned about whether the frequency jammer will interfere with the precision power supply, which needs to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. According to our experience, if the customer's environment has high requirements for precision power supply indicators, such as strict requirements for the power supply and power supply line ripple, wave, etc., in this case, although the frequency interference meter is only for the corresponding The radio frequency band interferes, but because of the short antenna area, there will be a certain strong magnetic field interference, or the disturbance of the field strength. Approaching the antenna, the field strength interference caused by the antenna may still interfere with the ripple and wave in the power line.

Therefore, our suggestion is: in order to avoid the influence of the frequency interference meter on some high-precision power supplies or power lines, it is required to keep a safe and reliable distance from these precision power supplies or lines during installation and use. This distance value needs to be at least reach more than 1 meter.

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