What are the common vandalism methods of mobile phone jammers?

What are the common vandalism methods of mobile phone jammers?

My topsignaljammer Co., Ltd., as a senior manufacturer of mobile phone jammers, in the process of producing and selling mobile phone signal jammer for nearly 20 years, the survey of the actual use site of customers, and the description of the use status of customers' immediate feedback, for the artificial destruction of mobile phone jammers way, to make the following conclusion:

Man-made damage to mobile phone jammers is mainly reflected in three ways:

1. Destruction of the antenna: This is mainly for mobile phone jammers with external antennas. Some people who are resistant to the use of mobile phone jammers, once they see the antenna, the first thing that comes to their mind is to unscrew the antenna and throw it away. This is a relatively crude form of damage, and once the antenna is thrown away, it is difficult to retrieve it. The mobile phone jammer without the antenna cannot output the shielded signal normally, which will soon cause the power amplifier device to burn out. In addition, there are some more shrewd saboteurs, and the handling of the external antenna is relatively concealed. For example, after unscrewing the antenna, first remove the antenna jacket, cut off the inner antenna core, and then install it back as it is. This method basically won't let people notice that the antenna is damaged, and as a result, it will directly cause the power to not be output normally and burn out the power amplifier.

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2. Destruction of the mobile phone isolator from the perspective of power supply: This is mainly reflected in: if there is a switch on the device shell, manually turn off the switch of the mobile phone isolator. This method is rather civilized. If the mobile phone isolator is configured with an external power adapter, directly unplug the connection end of the power adapter, or pull out a distance, resulting in a virtual connection of the power supply line, so that the mobile phone isolator cannot be powered. What's more, simply cut the power cord or throw it away.

3. Place a strong magnet near the antenna of the mobile phone jammer, which will disturb the normal working frequency of the antenna to a certain extent, but it is only a disturbance. There are many working frequency bands of a mobile phone jammer, and a certain amount of disturbance is not enough. So that the entire cell phone jammer can't work properly.

Combining the above three methods of destroying mobile phone jammers, in order to reduce the factors and possibilities of these man-made damages, our company began to promote it a few years ago: mobile phone jammers use fully built-in antennas, built-in switching power supplies, power interface of the device, host switch , network interfaces, etc., all adopt a concealed structure, etc., in order to prevent human sabotage to the greatest extent.

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