Why is there no cell phone signal in the elevator?

Why is there no cell phone signal in the elevator?

Elevator mobile phone signal booster During the waiting process of taking the elevator, playing with a mobile phone is the most suitable way to kill time. However, the friends will find that the signal of the mobile phone in the elevator is particularly poor, and it is impossible to even make a phone call, let alone surf the Internet. What is the principle of this?

1. Elevator structure

The elevator itself is a hollow enclosed metal space, which can physically shield radio waves, and mobile phones transmit information through radio waves, so naturally there is no signal. It should be mentioned here that the principle of a signal jammer is similar to the structure of an elevator. By making a communication barrier to block the signal transmission, the effect of shielding the signal is achieved. If you need a signal jammer, you can contact us!

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2. The signal does not cover this area

To allow the signal to cover the elevator, it is necessary to build a special elevator signal distribution system, usually by adding wall-mounted antennas and logarithmic antennas on both sides of the elevator, or installing antennas in the elevator car. The cost of this work is high, so many developers are unwilling to spend extra money. If the elevator has signal coverage, you can see obvious operator prompts in the elevator. Nowadays, with the popularity of elevator advertisements, businesses need to install signal systems to place advertisements on LED screens in elevators through wireless networks. In recent days, there are frequent crimes in elevators, elevators need to be equipped with monitors, and signal coverage of elevators is also required.

3. No signal amplifier is installed

Some elevators are not completely sealed, but there is also no signal. The reason is that the elevator shaft is often thicker concrete, which has a strong ability to absorb the mobile phone signal, which will also cause the mobile phone signal to become weak. At this time, a signal amplifier needs to be installed.

This is why there is no signal in the elevator. Nowadays, most elevators have built-in emergency help buttons. In the event of an accident, even if the mobile phone has no signal, you can still ask for help by pressing the button. It is believed that with the advancement of technology, the signal will cover more elevators.

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