Why implement drone countermeasures?

Why implement drone countermeasures?

In recent years, the UAV industry has achieved vigorous development in both the military and civilian fields. In the civil field, drones have played an important role in agriculture, forestry and plant protection, emergency and disaster relief, logistics and transportation, and security inspections. Intelligence gathering, electronic reconnaissance, etc. play a great role.

At the same time, with the increasing popularity of various remote-controlled helicopters and aircrafts that are easy to operate, accidents such as interference with aviation order occur frequently to varying degrees, posing severe challenges to the security and security management of important areas. Machine counter drone jammer are essential.

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Although some drone companies have designated a no-fly area for drone flying in their products, the threshold for online trading of drone accessories is very low, and it is easy to assemble a drone that can fly. . In addition, most drone users fly drones in various no-fly areas without basic flight and safety training. Events such as affecting civil aviation safety, bombing aircraft, and injuring people frequently occur.

UAV anti-jammer is the safety prevention and control of UAV, and has become the focus of the UAV industry. UAV countermeasures have become very important, not only to monitor long-range UAVs, but also to avoid various potential safety hazards.

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