How to improve the interference effect of the full-band jammer when the on-site signal is too strong?

How to improve the interference effect of the full-band jammer when the on-site signal is too strong?

The strong mobile phone signal at the site is generally because the surrounding base stations are close to each other, and there is an indoor mobile phone signal distribution system installed in or around the building, referred to as a mobile phone signal amplifier. According to the working principle of the full-band jammer, the base stations around the conference room and the indoor signal distribution system are the most important factors affecting the shielding range of the signal jammer. In this case, if you want to improve the shielding effect of the full-band jammer, you can start from the following aspects:

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1. Increase the number of jammers and use multiple units together to meet the requirements of covering the entire conference room.
2. Through the spectrum analyzer test or the mobile phone signal detection software Cellular-Z, the frequency band with the strongest mobile phone signal can be obtained. Achieve the effect of a full-band jammer to block these signals.
3. You can contact the base station or the operator of the indoor mobile phone signal distribution system to reduce the on-site mobile phone signal strength by adjusting the transmit power of the base station or the direction of the antenna board, thereby ensuring the shielding effect of the full-band jammer.

The high-power machine SMa-818K90 produced by topsignaljammer Technology Co., Ltd. Customization (100MHz-6000MHz) can be selected arbitrarily, and the module group can be disassembled and spliced ​​at any time, which is convenient for future frequency band upgrade and spectrum expansion;
It can be used in conjunction with low-power machines. When encountering frequency bands with strong individual signals, you can choose targeted modules to enhance the suppression effect;
The transmit power of each channel is 10-20W, and the modules (frequency bands) can be freely spliced ​​and combined;
6-8 modules are recommended for each splicing combination, and each switching power supply can supply power to 2 module groups at the same time;
Omnidirectional antenna (7dbi) is optional, and it can also be equipped with a backplane directional antenna (12dbi);

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