What methods are used in the face of the "Black Fly" UAV jammer countermeasure system?

What methods are used in the face of the "Black Fly" UAV jammer countermeasure system?

Today, the rapid development of the drone industry has made drones widely used in various fields. So far, in order to better prevent the phenomenon of "black flying" of UAVs, the UAV jammer countermeasure system has been produced in this way. With the birth of the UAV countermeasure system, some "black flying" phenomena have been reduced and are being applied in many places. Now the technical level of the drone jammer countermeasure system is also constantly improving, and the drone countermeasure technology and positioning capabilities used are quite characteristic.

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The drone jammer countermeasure system detects the wireless signals transmitted between the drone and its operator, and analyzes the direction of the signal source, so as to judge the flight status of the drone. When the drone enters the no-fly area, it will issue an alarm and start the drone countermeasure function to attack and interfere with the communication signal of the drone, forcing the disconnection between the drone and the operator. Can crash land or leave. The photoelectric tracking function of the UAV jammer countermeasure system integrates infrared detection, which can realize all-day monitoring and plays a good role in early warning for low-altitude flight of UAVs. Once the UAV jammer countermeasure system captures the signal sent by the UAV, it will intercept it at a long distance. Using high-sensitivity signal detection, it can accurately locate and search the UAV, and carry out UAV detection. Counter.

At present, the UAV jammer countermeasure system is slowly being promoted, and new technologies are introduced to continuously improve the deficiencies and gradually diversify. Continuous innovation makes the UAV jammer countermeasure system maintain its advantages in the field of anti UAV and become an irreplaceable product.

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