Does the school dormitory need to install a full-band jammer?

Does the school dormitory need to install a full-band jammer?

The school installed a full-band jammer in the dormitory area. This is to prohibit students from playing mobile phones during breaks, and to restrain students from taking a good rest and rejuvenating their energy so as not to affect the next day's class. But the school's approach has also sparked controversy.

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Some netizens believe that the school is a place for learning, and it is understandable that the school prohibits students from using mobile phones. If students are addicted to playing with mobile phones, it will lead to inattentiveness in learning. Some netizens also think that it is a good idea to install a full-band cell phone jammer to interfere with mobile phone signals and prohibit the use of mobile phones, but it is obviously difficult to achieve a peaceful learning environment in this way. Some netizens joked that perhaps students will develop an "anti-signal jammer" through their own ingenuity, and they can apply for a patent at that time.

Some students said that the school's approach is not very humane. If a student suddenly has an emergency, it will be very inconvenient if the mobile phone has no signal after installing a full-band jammer.

Therefore, the school has installed landlines in each dormitory, and students can insert cards to use landlines.

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