What kind of power supply should the 5G signal jammer be equipped with?

What kind of power supply should the 5G signal jammer be equipped with?

In the 2020s, 5G communication was widely promoted and applied, and the corresponding 5G mobile phone signal shielding device also kept pace with the times and developed synchronously with the pace of 5G. Like the signal system supported by mobile phones, the current 5G mobile phone signal blocker needs to block all 2G\3G\4G\5G signals as well as WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time. The number of shielding modules and antennas it is equipped with has now increased to at least 10-12. Taking a 5G mobile phone signal shielding device of low-power type (radio frequency transmission power of shielding signals in each frequency band 2-3W) as an example, a single The overall power consumption of the shielding device has reached 120-200W, so the question is, what kind of power supply should be configured for this shielding device?

A few years ago, there were usually two types of power supplies for shielded devices. The first type was the power adapter method, which looked like a laptop power supply: a closed black plastic case. This power supply method also belongs to the power supply of an external power supply. The second type is the way of switching power supply, the appearance is metal hollow, this power supply method usually belongs to the power supply of the built-in power supply.

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The current 5G cell phone jammer instrument, because the power consumption reaches 120-200W, the external power adapter in the past, because its closed structure is not conducive to heat dissipation, its maximum output power consumption generally does not exceed 150W, plus the size And the weight limit, the power adapter no longer meets the usage requirements. The metal shell switching power supply has basically no restrictions on output power, appearance size, etc., and it is installed inside the fuselage of the 5G mobile phone signal shielding device. Therefore, almost all low-power 5G shielding devices are currently It is to choose a more reliable and reliable way to supply power by switching power supply.

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