What are the ways to improve the blocking effect of mobile phone blocker

What are the ways to improve the blocking effect of mobile phone blocker

After the mobile phone shielding device is turned on, the area covered by the shielding signal emitted by it usually ranges from tens of square meters to hundreds of square meters, while some high-power mobile phone shielding devices can cover thousands of square meters. , or mobile phone signals within a radius of several hundred meters will be blocked.

However, there will always be some customers who, for various reasons, always hope that the mobile phone shielding equipment they buy and use can expand the coverage of the shielding signal, or they expect to find some ways to make the mobile phone shield the shielding effect of the device. Get a big boost. So, what are the ways to improve the shielding effect?

The answer is to find from two aspects. The first aspect is to analyze from the mobile phone shielding device itself, such as: whether the mobile phone shielding device is a qualified product of a regular manufacturer, whether the frequency band it works in is completely correct, and whether there is a frequency bandwidth Too wide, resulting in lower average output power? Is the frequency band division of the mobile phone shielding device reasonable? Is there an over-combination of frequency bands? Is the gain value of the antenna matched with the mobile phone shielding device ideal? If the gain of the antenna is only 1-2dB, then replacing it with an antenna with a gain value of 3-5dB, the shielding effect will be significantly improved.

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The second aspect is to analyze the installation environment and surrounding environment of the cell phone jammer, such as: is the mobile phone shielding device wall-mounted or desktop placed? Is the installation height too high? The usual recommended height is 1.8-2.5 meters. Or is it too low and placed directly on the ground? This will result in too many obstacles in the signal transmission path and serious signal attenuation, which will affect the shielding effect. In addition to these factors, observe and analyze the distribution of surrounding base stations. The installation location of the mobile phone shielding equipment is recommended to be selected on the transmission path from the base station to the site, usually near the window of the room.

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