What is drone countermeasures?

What is drone countermeasures?

In recent years, with the continuous development and improvement of UAV technology, UAVs not only play an important role in the military field, but also have been widely used in the civilian field. However, with the simple operation of drones, while bringing great convenience to people's production and life, taking off and flying also caused safety hazards to the country, society and people. With the frequent occurrence of various safety accidents, professionals began to Investigate what technologies can be used to defend and counter UAV provocation. Therefore, the demand for low-altitude UAV countermeasures and prevention and control management is very strong in both the military and civilian fields.

Drone jammer countermeasures can detect, locate, track, or "interact" with rogue drones in a number of ways. This can serve as a reminder to take safety measures or proactive lines of defense. Consumer drones are inexpensive and easy to modify. They could enter the airport to disrupt normal operations or cause aircraft to collide, which could result in loss of life. Drones can threaten people's privacy, protected premises or specifically target critical infrastructure. Attacks can be varied, as must counter-drone measures, and a variety of technologies are available today.

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The combination of the drone jammer and the detection system forms a complete UAV defense system. At present, relevant units have introduced a variety of UAV defense systems to the market, which can automatically detect air targets and detect air targets. Carry out automatic identification and threat analysis, and automatically issue orders to strike after determining the intrusion. Therefore, the development of these systems can effectively improve China's defense capabilities against UAVs.

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