The need for installing full-band signal jammers in prisons

The need for installing full-band signal jammers in prisons

In domestic prisons, detention centers, drug rehabilitation centers and other supervision areas, it is specially stipulated that supervised persons shall not illegally use wireless communication equipment (including mobile phones). The demand for installation of full-band signal jammer systems in various regulated venues is increasing year by year. The full-band signal jammer alarm system can effectively manage the illegal acquisition and use of mobile phones in the supervision area. At the same time, it also plays an effective role in assisting and preventing the safety management of the supervision area;

The use of mobile phones in the supervision area of ​​​​supervision sites has become a major security risk in the supervision area. Some supervised personnel use illegally obtained mobile phones to make calls, send and receive text messages, and obtain external information in the supervision area, causing extremely bad effects. The Ministry of Justice document stipulates that all personnel entering the supervision area, including leaders at all levels of the judicial system, on-duty police officers, laborers, etc., use walkie-talkie equipment for instant communication in the supervision area, so as to achieve reasonable and effective dispatching to respond to all calls. Based on years of experience in prevention projects in domestic prisons, detention centers, drug rehabilitation centers and other supervised areas, some police officers, laborers and other personnel who do not obey the discipline privately bring mobile phones into the supervised area for high-profit transactions.

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In today's high-tech digital development, "multimedia, intelligence, informatization, digitization, and all-round" are the new requirements of the supervision system for the communication system. In order to meet the needs of the new situation, improve the scientific and technological prevention capabilities of supervision sites, strengthen the level of scientific and technological management of supervision sites, promote the construction of digital supervision sites, promote the harmonious and stable development of supervision sites, and continuously improve the modernization level of supervision work, it is necessary to install full-band signals in supervision sites. The jammer conducts scientific and effective shielding control and prevention of mobile phone signals, and eliminates the potential safety hazards caused by illegal use of mobile phones. How to achieve effective restricted use is a new application direction that needs to be discussed and established.

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