What is a phone signal jammer? Is it harmful to human health?

What is a phone signal jammer? Is it harmful to human health?

A phone jammer is a device that blocks the link between a cell phone and a cell phone base station.

Because of cell phone signal jammers, we need to treat it rationally and scientifically.

So the link works on the principle of a specific signal that travels on the same frequency as the phone signal, creating interference between the phone and the base station. Then the phone shows no signal or service, or can't make calls and surf the internet. Even though the message can be received, the message becomes garbled and unrecognizable.

In the process, the jammer protects the phone signal not by emitting a limited high power generating signal and jamming, but a very weak electromagnetic radiation in the limited area of ​​the competent government agency. (We are the manufacturer of Chinese education, military police system)

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For example, install jammers in severe places, and check the EMI test results of all sample locations (only 1/5 of the European standard GB8702-88, lower than 1/10 of the Japanese statutory limit data).

Phone signal jammers do not harm human health. Therefore, attention should be paid to the product safety of signal jammers. We have the primary technology to enable functionality and at the same time guarantee safe use. The biggest obstacle to using a jammer is the pointless focus on it.

Additionally, phone jammers have limited output power and a range of 20 to 50 meters.

There is also no impact on external PR guarantees for base stations and unaffected base stations.

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