Are cell phone wifi signal jammers illegal?

Are cell phone wifi signal jammers illegal?

Most countries ban the use of signal jammers by the public. Consider the laws regarding the liberty of benefits that signal jammer bring to the telecommunications and telephone service providers of victimized civilians, or the conduct of telecommunications fraud.

But signal jammers are actually sold in 80 countries. topsignaljammer Co., Ltd. has stable and long-term cooperative customers in 80 countries in the past 10 years.

In addition, if the application of the jammer does not damage or deceive the public's telecommunications, the signal jammer can be purchased and legally owned by an individual customer to cause interference again.

Signal Jammers are completely free for use by individuals or other agents if the application of the jammer is legal and modest. Cell phone wifi signal jammers have many modest applications in many places, as follows:

1) Avoid making illegal phone calls in prisons, detention centers, police stations, courts, legal supervision offices, etc.

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2) Check the leakage of important documents in real estate transactions, law enforcement, key security locations, etc., such as negotiating rooms, military bases and important confidential locations, government premises, administrative departments, criminal proceedings. Avoid leaking business secrets 3) Avoid accidental hazardous substances produced by misuse of telephone Wifi signals in chemical plants, oil terminals, gas stations, warehouses, assemblies and other places.

4) Avoid phone noise in libraries, cinemas, theaters, concert halls, memory halls, auditoriums, churches, etc.

5) Avoid cheating in school tests, practical training, sports competitions, etc.

6) Avoid playing mobile phones during working hours; improve work efficiency, such as textile factories, metallurgical plants, etc., to avoid assembly injuries and fatal accidents caused by effective mobile phone use.

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