What is a drone jamming system? What is its principle?

What is a drone jamming system? What is its principle?

The drone jamming system is composed of shielding host, low frequency/high frequency antenna, and power supply. When the drone jamming system is turned on, it can emit signals that interfere with the 2.4GHz/5.8GHz frequency band of the drone. By shielding the flight control signal and satellite positioning signal of the drone, the drone cannot receive the flight control signal. Without the signal and satellite positioning, there is no way to continue flying. Depending on the model of the UAV, there will be different control effects such as return and landing.

Usually, when using the UAV jamming system, when the no-fly fortified area encounters a "black flying" UAV, the distance between the operator and the no-fly zone is this distance. The drone takes off from the operator and gradually approaches the no-fly zone. In the process, the distance between the drone and the controller will become farther and farther. On the contrary, the distance from the drone to the no-fly zone is much closer. To sum up, all the signals sent by the operator to the drone will gradually become weaker due to the distance problem. Conversely, under the premise of equal power, the drone jammer is closer to the target, and the UAV jamming signal is stronger. At this time, the operator accepts that the signal sent by the UAV is weak, and the UAV jamming system sends a high-power jamming signal to the target UAV by using multiple frequency bands to suppress the control signal of the UAV. So far, " The signal of the "Black Fly" UAV is easily interfered, and the UAV can only land or return.

Desktop 12 Bands Cell Phone Signal Jammer Multiple Frequencies

Why conduct UAV countermeasures?

As UAVs gradually move from the military to the popularization, the safety issues caused by the "black flight" of UAVs have become increasingly prominent. In the airport incident some time ago, the social order and economic losses caused by a drone to the airport are immeasurable.

How to achieve comprehensive countermeasures and defense against drones is a key issue discussed by all walks of life. Although civil aviation companies have entrusted some mainstream drone manufacturers to standardize the manufacture of drones and set no-fly heights and distances, compared with the drone market that is manufactured and sold in large quantities, relying solely on the control and control of drone manufacturers Detection is still trivial. The use of UAV countermeasure equipment for early warning in some no-fly areas is the fundamental way to solve the problem of "black flying" of UAVs. Nowadays, the UAV industry is still in the development and manufacturing stage, and the UAV safety monitoring technology is not yet mature. Building a mature and perfect UAV countermeasure device and safety monitoring system will promote the good development of the UAV industry in the future. extremely important.

With the rapid development of the times, drones have become a part of people's lives, and rescue and transportation have brought great convenience to people. So how to ensure the safe and effective navigation of drones and achieve harmonious coexistence with aviation aircraft is an urgent need. In the UAV countermeasures market, under the condition of ensuring the sustainable development of the UAV industry, some important areas such as airports have the capability of UAV countermeasures and early warning, which can better solve the problem of UAV safety supervision in the popularization of UAVs.

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