How does the drone jammer prevent drones from "black flying"?

How does the drone jammer prevent drones from "black flying"?

In order to reduce the threat of illegal personnel using drones for illegal infiltration, or using drones to illegally film some activity places, etc., drone jammers are needed to control these drones. With the rapid development of contemporary drone technology, it shines in daily life with simple operation and practicality. Some people use the good cargo capacity of drones to transport some dangerous prohibited items. In order to avoid such things However, drone jammer have also made great efforts on the road of anti-drone.

UAV jammers control the operation of UAV equipment by shielding signals, the most important thing is to interfere with GPS, Beidou and other signals, and realize the main protection of low-altitude areas. When encountering the so-called "black flying" drone, when the drone jammer is powered on, the "black flying" drone loses the signal connection with GPS, operators, etc., and cannot transmit images. Can be forced to land or return.

Topsignaljammer's handheld UAV jammer has a jamming RF power of 20W and a jamming range of up to 1000 meters. This set of handheld UAV jammers can be used for UAV flight control, image transmission, navigation and other signals. interference. UAV jammers are used to control the "black flight" of drones, forcing drone operators to stop flying and minimizing property risks.

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Why use drone countermeasures?

The use of UAV countermeasure equipment has a strong signal interference effect on illegal "black flying" UAVs, thus achieving the need to force UAVs to land or return. At present, there are many types of UAV countermeasure equipment in the market, and the work purposes are different. Therefore, when choosing UAV countermeasure equipment, it is necessary to choose a good model according to the needs. Conduct a test to see if it can interfere and cut off the signal of the "Black Fly" drone.

In order to implement comprehensive defense measures against "black flying" UAVs, it is necessary to conduct on-the-spot surveys on the installation site of UAV countermeasure equipment, such as terrain characteristics, surrounding environment, nearby signal strength and other characteristics must be fully understood. Hand-held UAV jammers, backpack UAV jammers, vehicle-mounted UAV jammers and other UAV counter equipment cooperate with each other to more effectively achieve the purpose of low-altitude defense. Utilizing the different advantages of various types of UAV countermeasure equipment, it is applied to different scenarios or different organizations, and the expected effect of the prevention goal has been achieved.

With the development of UAV technology advancing with the times, it is urgent to solve the problem of UAV "black flying". The characteristics of man-machine mechanism, continuous scientific practice, and actively looking for solutions, so as to deal with various drone problems in the future.

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