What frequency bands do police jammers have?

What frequency bands do police jammers have?

The police jammer is mainly aimed at the frequency band of the remote control, and the remote control explosives are the explosives designed by the criminals to create terrorist incidents. These remote control explosives are detonated by a remote control or a mobile phone, so to cut off the remote control signal between the remote control and the explosive, it is necessary to interfere with the signal frequency that can be used as a remote control.

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There are more frequency bands that can be used by remote control. Common ones are 135M, 433M, 2.4G and 5.8G of WiFi, and of course, there are frequencies that use mobile phone signals. Some criminals use non-conventional frequencies, so it is impossible to determine the frequency used by remote-controlled explosives. The best way is to use a full-band police wifi jammer, no matter what frequency band terrorists use, as long as the full-band police use After the jammer is turned on, terrorists cannot use the remote control to detonate explosives, which gives our special police enough time to detonate and protect people's lives and property.

The police explosive detonator produced by topsignaljammer Technology Co., Ltd. can meet the use of such scenarios.

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