The benefits of installing a cell phone jammer system on campus

The benefits of installing a cell phone jammer system on campus

1. The installation of mobile phone jammer system on campus can realize unified networking, facilitate centralized control and management, and can realize point-to-point switch, group switch, full on and full off and other functions.

2. Timing switch and free editing timing plan, which can be consistent with the campus work and rest time, that is, turn on the mobile phone jammer during class, disconnect the phone cell phone signal blocker during breaks, and realize humanized management.

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3. It can realize fault inquiry and fault alarm, and equipment faults can be known, dealt with and recovered early.

4. It can be networked across prefectures and cities, and a remote management platform can be built. During the unified examination, it is convenient for the upper management department to have an overview of the overall situation.

5. It can be connected with the invigilation education platform to realize multiple systems entering the platform, and all systems under the unified management of the platform are managed.

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