Wall type cell phone jammer

Wall type cell phone jammer

Through the experience of the exam and the use of jammers in other situations, I think a lot of people have learned about the word jammer. It is widely used in mobile phones, wifi and various places where you need to block gps signals. So what is the jammer classification? I will introduce them.

Jammers are divided into special jammers for test sites, wall-framed cell phone jammers, and more. A special jammer for the laboratory, as the name suggests, can play a supervisory role and prevent the candidate from cheating. Specially used for inspection. This kind of wall type mobile phone jammer, jammer, is relatively suitable for high-end secret places, is indistinguishable and very beautifully hidden.

4 Antenna Portable CDMA GSM 3G Cell Phone Jammer

Jammers still have different sizes, but depending on your type, the range is also different. As for the mask range, the radio wave breaker sold by us can shield the GSM / CDMA / DCS / PHS / 3G band. Each independent passage can freely adjust the blocking distance, and one passage can be closed. The firing power can be adjusted to any power within 0-6 W. Any cutoff distance can be adjusted within a valid cutoff radius of 0 m-50 m. The machine operating temperature is 45 degrees or less and does not generate heat. I have been able to work for a long time and continue to work uninterrupted. It is an advanced foreign technology and has a long usage time.

Individuals suggest buying a portable if they use a jammer, it's convenient to carry, small, but very effective.

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