There are many cases of mobile phone cheating in the exam, and a full-band jammer is added

There are many cases of mobile phone cheating in the exam, and a full-band jammer is added

On the afternoon of June 25, 2014, during the physical exam for the Chinese Enrollment Recruitment, a candidate named Tian Moumou, a candidate in the 477 exam room of Gushi Hope High School Exam Center, used the mobile phone illegally brought into the exam room to publish relevant exam information on the Internet and cheated in the exam. Such consequences are caused only because there is no full-band jammer installed.

In this regard, many parents questioned, how can candidates bring their mobile phones into the examination room under repeated inspections? Why is there no full-band signal jammer around the examination room? When will the senior high school entrance examination be able to implement the strictest examination norms like the college entrance examination?

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The 2015 provincial entrance examination is coming soon. The Henan Provincial Department of Education warns that all departments and schools should install full-band jammers at all test sites, effectively strengthen the work style of cadres and teachers, strengthen the education management of students, improve various systems, especially the accountability system, and resolutely put an end to this. The event happened again.

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