The installation of the full-band shielding device in the detention center is completed

The installation of the full-band shielding device in the detention center is completed

In order to implement the Ministry of Public Security's "five modernizations" work, we will continue to improve relevant regulations and systems to prevent "running and leaking" and ensure the smooth progress of criminal proceedings. The Linhe District Detention Center seized the details, based on source prevention and control, newly purchased a full-band shielding device, updated the full-band shielding device in the prison area again, and contacted professional technicians to install the full-band shielding device system in the prison area.

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The full-band jammer has been installed and adjusted, and has been put into use. It has realized the shielding of the mobile phone full-band jammer in the entire surveillance area without dead ends, ensuring the law enforcement safety of the police. At the same time, it is strictly forbidden for the staff of the detention center and the personnel of the foreign case-handling unit to bring mobile phones into the prison area, which further regulates the behavior of the staff of the prison and the case-handling personnel. It is more conducive to the management of the prison.

The installation and use of the full-band signal blocker has fundamentally eliminated the occurrence of illegal cases (events) such as supervisory cadres and prison detainees using mobile phones to report information, channeling cases, etc., to ensure the normal development of criminal proceedings, and to ensure the safety and security of the prison. Stably build a solid "firewall", so that the scientific and technological prevention capabilities of the prison and the scientific management level of the prison have been further improved.

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