The UAV countermeasure market is developing rapidly, and the "low, slow and small countermeasure" method has become the main force?

The UAV countermeasure market is developing rapidly, and the "low, slow and small countermeasure" method has become the main force?

Due to the rapid development of the Internet in recent years and the popularization of drone technology, a large number of personnel using drones have appeared. Most of these personnel have not received relevant training, which indirectly led to many accidents related to drones. It poses a threat to future privacy security and public order. Slowly, the UAV jamming technology is maturing, and some places will choose to install the UAV countermeasure system, implement the strategy of low-speed and small countermeasures against "black planes", and at the same time promote the development of the UAV countermeasure system from the side. develop.

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According to the "UAV Countermeasures Market Report" issued by some foreign research institutions on drones, the market for drone countermeasures systems has been growing in recent years. Although the market size is far less than other fields, the growth rate is much faster In other electronics industries, forecast reports will continue to grow in the future. In the field of anti-UAV, the market share of UAV countermeasure system will continue to grow rapidly, and the UAV countermeasure system will become the one with the highest average growth rate in the entire field. Compared with the UAV countermeasure system that supports low, slow and small countermeasure technology, the UAV jamming function in the UAV countermeasure system is more suitable for ordinary blocking, and the cost of starting UAV jamming is relatively low. A very good civilian grade product.

Nowadays, the technology of the drone countermeasure system is gradually becoming mature, and the means of jamming drones are gradually increasing, and a variety of new types of drone jammer have been produced. Only by continuously improving the capabilities of UAV interference, low-slow and small countermeasures, can we achieve continuous control of UAV black flights.

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