Signal jamming cars drive into the campus, cheating is not allowed

Signal jamming cars drive into the campus, cheating is not allowed

As the CET-4 and CET-6 are approaching, some lawbreakers seize the psychology of part of the exam and sell cheating devices to candidates through the Internet or other means to help them cheat. In order to prevent some candidates from taking chances, they will take risks and give the examination room fairness and justice. Signal jamming cars drive into the campus, blocking left and right, and cheating is not allowed.

The signal jammer vehicle this time covers the entire frequency band and can continuously shield any wireless signal transmission from 20-6000MHz. Enhanced interference with cheating devices such as 2345G mobile phones, wireless headsets, and wireless image transmission.

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The whole set is equipped with a DDS adjustable module, which can adjust the output power and frequency band through the main control software, and set a specific frequency band for signal interference vehicles in emergency situations to ensure normal communication and first aid in sudden situations.

Cheating in an exam is an immoral act, which not only violates the exam rules, but also damages the principle of fair competition. The use of signal jamming vehicles can effectively prevent the use of cheating devices and ensure the fairness of the exam.

In addition, the signal jamming vehicle has other application scenarios, such as being used in government, enterprises, military and other places that require confidentiality, which can effectively prevent information leakage. At the same time, the signal jamming vehicle can also be used for terrorist attacks and maintaining social order, preventing criminals from wireless communication and ensuring public safety.

However, there are also some potential problems with the use of signal jamming vehicles. On the one hand, the use of the signal jamming vehicle will cause certain interference to normal communication, so it is necessary to set the frequency band and power reasonably so as not to affect important activities such as emergency communication and first aid. On the other hand, the use of signal jamming vehicles needs to abide by relevant laws and regulations, otherwise it may infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of others, and even cause legal disputes.

In short, the use of signal jamming vehicles has a dual nature. It can not only maintain public safety and confidentiality needs, but also need to pay attention to reasonable use and abide by laws and regulations. In this information age, we need to make better use of technological means to ensure fair competition, protect personal privacy and social security.

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