The take a look at room jammer can guarantee the true level of the applicants

The take a look at room jammer can guarantee the true level of the applicants

From September 20th to 21st, Lianyungang participated in the countrywide first-level civil engineer examination. The Municipal Broadcasting Directorate one by one investigated two instances of fraud regarding radio gadget in the area below investigation in our city. A pc, digital radio transmitter, mobile smartphone and 2 wi-fi walkie-talkies and cell phone GPS jammer had been recovered from the scene.

On the morning of September 20, surveillance employees from the metropolis radio management bureau located suspicious 97.450 MHz digital radio signals near the Lianyungang Higher Vocational and Technical School of Finance and Economics. According to the character in fee of the Municipal Radio Management, the current manner candidates use radios to cheat is becoming an increasing number of high-tech. Funk cheat cellular phone jammers are continuously being updated and the unique system used to prevent and control funk cheat is constantly being up to date and progressed. The municipal radio control catches numerous scammers with two-manner radios every year.

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According to the Federal Secret Law and the guidelines on dealing with disciplinary violations and examination policies, the exam participants who take part in examination cheating will annul the exam effects of all topics and be entitled to take the exam again inside 2 years. The City Radio Directorate has exceeded over to the Public Security Department to address overseas scammers who illegally installation and use radio gadget.

The person in price suggested the candidates no longer to have a random mentality. According to the person in price of the municipal radio line, the municipal radio line has dispatched a radio surveillance car to screen the radio signals inside a radius of several kilometers of the investigation place for every critical investigation in latest years. Once an peculiar radio signal occurs, the mobile telephone jammer will fast pick out and screen cheating radio signals. Surveillance employees quickly locate route and location, use hand-held devices to track indicators and understand fraud suspects.

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