The authorities spends large sums to shop for jammers to make sure the equity of the investigation area

The authorities spends large sums to shop for jammers to make sure the equity of the investigation area

On September 24, Tianshui City held the 2014 Written Labor Conference on Official Examination and Employment. It is stated that the 2014 written examination for civil servants in Tianshui City will be hung on September 27, and extra than 8,000 people in Tianshui City will apply to come to be civil servants.
Since 2008, Hefei has used radio monitoring for the university front exam. In the ultimate 7 years, no dishonest signal has been detected inside the college front exam. On the morning of June 7, the primary Chinese examination of the 2014 Anhui College Entrance Exam started. At the No. Eight Examination Center of Hefei High School, Anhui Radio monitored a full set of mobile cellphone jammers.

According to Yu Changwen, director of the Hefei Bureau of the Office of the Anhui Provincial Radio Management Committee, this line of cell smartphone jammers price masses of heaps of bucks. It can locate radio alerts within a radius of one to two kilometers around the test site and routinely suppress them to avoid interference within the test room. Candidates.

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So how does this cellular smartphone jammer device distinguish suspicious indicators? According to the nearby operator, below normal situations the monitored signal varies within the regular range. As quickly as the suspicious sign appears, greater strength is provided to the display. The waves and have positive homes.

It is reported that this set of radio tracking GPS jammer will run until the give up of the college front exam to make sure that the university entrance examination is conducted in a honest environment. In addition, this radio surveillance car was extensively utilized for civil carrier examinations, civil engineering examinations, meeting examinations and many other examinations.

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