The shielding range and usage scenarios of the full-band signal jammer

The shielding range and usage scenarios of the full-band signal jammer

The shielding range of the full-band signal shield is different according to the difference of the output power of the module, and different fields need to use different power machines. For example, if a high-power signal jammer is used outside the detention center, its shielding half-length can reach several hundred meters. In the examination room and conference hall, low-power signal jammers are used, and the shielding half is usually in the middle of 1-10 meters, depending on the strength of the mobile phone signal.

The shielding range of the high-power cell phone signal jammer is generally used in the outdoor environment, and the shielding range is wide. But it is also because the shielding range is relatively wide, if it is close to a residential area, it will more or less affect the normal mobile phone communication of the surrounding people. At this time, the directional antenna can be replaced or the transmission power can be reduced to reduce the external impact. Therefore, it is recommended that high-power signal jammers be used in places that are relatively open and relatively far away from residential areas.

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Medium-power full-band signal jammer, suitable for conference rooms over 1000 square meters or indoor open environments with a relatively large range, under normal circumstances, one set can achieve complete shielding, and there is no need to deploy cellular points like low-power ones. beautiful.

The shielding radius of the low-power full-band signal shield is before 1-10 meters. It is used in a small indoor environment. Generally, a normal examination room or a small conference room can be shielded normally.
Because there are more and more mobile phone signal transmitting base stations in the city. The mobile phone signal is getting stronger and stronger, and the shielding distance of the full-band signal jammer is closely related to the strength of the mobile phone signal on site. The actual shielding distance is best tested in the field.

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