Precautions for using backpack frequency jammer

Precautions for using backpack frequency jammer

Backpack frequency jammer is mainly used for auxiliary equipment used by the public security to deal with some special tasks, such as gathering group events, temporary communication control, arrest of suspects, etc.

Before starting up, it is also necessary to repeatedly tighten the corresponding antennas of different frequency bands, and do not connect them virtually, otherwise the interference effect will be seriously affected, and even the interference module will fail. Because of its simple operation and flexible use, it can be applied to a variety of occasions, has a wide range of applications, and can also be used as individual soldier equipment.

The backpack frequency jammer is equipped with an omnidirectional antenna. The omnidirectional antenna has the following characteristics: 1. It is easy to carry. The omnidirectional antenna uses a glass fiber reinforced plastic shell. When carrying, just put the antenna into the storage box, which takes up little space. , and don't worry about the damage to the antenna during the movement.

2. Quick disassembly and assembly. When arriving at the task site, just connect the frequency band of the omnidirectional antenna to the frequency band interface of the frequency jammer, and tighten the omnidirectional antenna. It is also very convenient to disassemble, so unscrew the antenna and put it into the storage. package. It is especially suitable for application scenarios when the police handle the above tasks.

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The backpack frequency jammer uses a built-in battery. At present, the mainstream lithium iron phosphate batteries and battery boxes will choose 18650 lithium batteries as the basic cells of the battery. The 18650 cells have the characteristics of large capacity, sufficient power, and long life. Correct maintenance of the battery can make the built-in battery of the frequency jammer better power the jammer and prolong the service life of the battery.

Use the correct charger to charge. The batteries used by the frequency jammer have special requirements on the voltage and capacity of the battery, so the batteries used in the backpack frequency jammer are basically customized batteries by the supplier, so the battery charger is also based on the battery charger. The customized battery is equipped separately, and it is equipped with a dedicated charger. Remember not to use the charger to charge the police frequency jammer at will.

If the backpack frequency jammer has not been used for a long time, it is necessary to charge and discharge the built-in battery of the frequency jammer at intervals. Failure to charge the built-in battery in time may damage the cells of the battery. If it occurs, after the battery is fully charged, the frequency jammer will be used for a period of time, but this time does not reach the normal use time, then shut down and wait for a period of time, then turn it on again, the backpack frequency jammer can maintain normal operation for a period of time. It can basically be determined that one of the cells of the built-in battery of the frequency jammer is faulty and needs to be returned to the factory for repair. Please contact the equipment supplier of the frequency jammer in time.

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