The owner of the theater installed a cell phone jammer and was greeted by the audience

The owner of the theater installed a cell phone jammer and was greeted by the audience

Dublin cinema owners have been criticized for installing jammers in their cinemas to prevent customers from answering cell phone calls during the film.

We asked some viewers whether to prevent people from using cell phones in theaters.
If it is allowed to install barriers in public places such as cinemas and concert halls, I will be very happy. I am furious that there is an incident interrupting reckless people who seem to think they need to rewrite other people's.

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Karelia, England
Go! Living in Finland, the hometown of cellphones, you'd think the problems here would be huge, but no. Before going to many theaters countless times, I didn't hear any "disturbance" or beeping in the movies. However, all Finns are very happy to follow the instructions, but when I look back on the UK situation last year, I can only say that I think the best way is to install signal jammer. in every cinema / theater!

Gareth James from Finland
How would you feel if your child, mom, dad, etc. need urgent specialist medical attention and cannot get it because the doctor is watching a Disney movie?
These things are not necessary, people should treat their moviegoers with respect and then turn the phone off or put it on silent. Otherwise, kick them out.

Philip dagenham
I suspect this shows the power of the mobile phone companies. If someone walks into a movie theater, they should give up the right to use their cell phones for those around them, just like flying.

Paul Irving (United Kingdom)
I think blocking cell phones in theaters is a bad idea, especially if you are a parent and need to make contact with children. I tend to leave me. I just put it on silent so it won't bother anyone. If it is important to answer the phone, I will leave the room, otherwise I will transfer them to answer the phone.

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