Install jammers to turn the cinema into a phone-free zone

Install jammers to turn the cinema into a phone-free zone

It is right to install cell phone jammer in movie theaters.
Actor Kevin Si was not happy with the audience. The audience let their cell phones ring during the performance at the theater. They said the public should learn to behave.

As artistic director of the Old Vic Theater in London, he now personally warns audiences by asking them to turn off their cell phones and not to eat sweets.
He recounted the BBC Radio 4 "front row" program and refused to "not come" to the theater people.
He said people should abide by the code of conduct for theater audiences.
He told "Front Row": "I don't think people will take these things seriously."
“That's why cell phones ring in theaters, and that's why people turn on candy bar lollipops. If they turn on too slowly, they will have less of a problem than turning the phone on quickly.

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"Install jammers to transform the cinema into a zone without a telephone"

"My answer is that I say 'no! “You have to respect the fact that we expect a certain level of behavior in the theater, and in the Old Vic theater, we will demand it.
"It's a phone-free area. We don't want them to ring, we sure don't want them to ring. People ignore them and pretend it's not theirs."
He himself has told people not to use cell phones or eat sweets during performances, and plans to send recorded warning messages to future audiences.
"My feeling is that if people don't know how to act, they shouldn't come."

Spacey is currently directing the play Cloaca, which is his first scene since taking over at Old Vic, and he himself felt embarrassed because the audience's cell phones were ringing.
“Tell them we're busy,” he told the owner of the ringing cell phone during the London show of The Iceman Cometh.

"I went to the show, when they just had a lively report on the story of Alan Bennett boys national television station actor asked the audience to have their phones broken six times and the audience left the theater," said it "Front Row".

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