The future development trend of wireless signal jammers

The future development trend of wireless signal jammers

The application demand of wireless signal jammers in the non-military field is already great. It is mainly aimed at signal interference for all common wireless communication tools and instruments in the 20-6000MHz frequency range (meter wave, decimeter wave). This includes at least the common ones: remote control signals, walkie-talkie signals, wireless image transmission signals, satellite navigation positioning signals, WIFI and Bluetooth, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G signals of mobile phones, etc. With the development and progress of the times, it is foreseeable that 6G mobile phones will also be popularized and applied in the next few years, and 6G mobile phone technology must be deployed on UHF frequencies, and the spectrum resources involved are likely to involve to millimeter wave frequency band (20-100GHz). The application design of wireless signal jammer on such ultra-high frequencies has not yet been developed. However, the development trend cannot be violated. The technical upgrade of wireless signal jammers must pay close attention to the development direction of 6G technology, invest in research and development as soon as possible for technical breakthroughs, and make signal interference products synchronized with the 6G era.

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In addition to maintaining the original basic interference performance indicators, the products of wireless signal jammers should be more oriented to the needs of customers, because most of the wireless signal jammers serve for security, to prevent leaks, and to prevent Terrorist attacks, elimination of hidden dangers, etc., so customers have always expected that such products can be miniaturized, portable, concealed, and refined as much as possible. With the continuous matching of new electronic components and innovative electronic circuit design in the radio frequency field, wireless signal jammers are also making breakthroughs in reducing power consumption, improving performance, and reducing appearance and volume.

The demand for wireless signal jammers in civilian or non-military fields has been increasing year by year, and with the escalation of the special military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as well as the continuous escalation of military confrontation and conflicts in many hotspot areas around the world, in fact the global The safe and stable environment within the scope is showing a trend of deteriorating year by year, but this trend will lead to a surge in demand and rapid development of wireless signal jammer products. Future conflicts and struggles, communication interference and electronic countermeasures are the key link in the first step of all operations. Even in areas far away from conflicts, if you want to maintain relative stability in society, wireless signal jammers are key equipment for security. Although it belongs to the hidden front, it is indispensable.

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