The development status of wireless signal jammer

The development status of wireless signal jammer

At present, the wireless signal jammer is still an unpopular product in a niche field that is not well known to ordinary people, but in fact it has been popularized and applied in many scenarios, and has a wide range of market demands. Among them, the applications of low-end products include: school examination rooms, prisons, detention centers, government agency meeting rooms, theaters, conference venues, factories and mining areas, etc., and the applications of high-end products include: public security special police anti-terrorism, EOD, emergency response , hostage rescue, positioning and arrest, security protection of leaders and dignitaries, drone defense, etc., even communication interference and electronic countermeasures in military warfare.

The civilian products of wireless cell phone jammer have been born for almost 20 years. In the past 20 years, the number of domestic enterprises that have been focusing on the research and development, design and production of such products is actually very small, and various products are good and bad. Although most It can achieve the basic interference function of the corresponding wireless signal, but it is still lacking in product stability, quality reliability, etc. In addition, the biggest shortcoming lies in the structure and process design of the wireless signal jammer product. Most products The beauty of industrial design is basically not considered, and the product image is greatly reduced.

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Among the domestic manufacturers of wireless signal jammers, there are no large-scale enterprises, and most of them are small, micro, and private enterprises. The annual production and sales are estimated to be about 500,000 units (sets). Among them, domestic sales accounted for about 30%, and the rest were sold abroad. Looking at the world, there are less than 10 foreign countries that can provide similar products, and the cumulative production and sales of all foreign manufacturers are estimated to be less than half of Chinese products.

In addition to meeting domestic demand, our domestically produced low-end wireless signal jammer products are also in great demand in overseas markets. The third world countries have almost no choice. With the low price advantage of domestic products, they almost monopolize this field. For mid-to-high-end products, it is more difficult to enter the European and American markets. There are two main reasons: 1. Politically correct views lead to boycotts of domestic brands and products. 2. Domestic products themselves do not pay attention to product design optimization and production. The production process is perfect, but the quality image is not good. But even so, there will still be many European and American customers who will choose to provide OEM OEM production of our domestic products.

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