The further the jammer is from the signal tower, the higher the efficiency

The further the jammer is from the signal tower, the higher the efficiency

Whatever a satellite navigation system is, it can cause us problems and it can also make our lives more convenient. For example, when GPS enables us to navigate, it also becomes the device we track and the GPS tracker is a typical representative. Regardless of the type of satellite navigation used, we need to be careful about our privacy and at the same time offer comfort without endangering our lives. Hence it is necessary to use a signal jammer.

As you can see, GPS jammer can be used to block GPS signals and avoid the tracking of GPS signal tracking devices. Cell phone jammers can be used to block cell phone signals, prevent nuisance from calls, and maintain a quiet environment. Use the WiFi jammer to end WiFi internet access at home. Your child will put the cell phone down to study and will not be addicted to cell phone games.

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Mobile jammers are increasingly used in large spaces such as prisons and classrooms. In some movie theaters, churches, courts or conference rooms, you will find that your phone has no signal for processing equipment. That way, if someone forgets to turn off the phone and the phone doesn't ring, the phone jammer will work normally and the meeting may be silent. For example, chemical stores or grain elevators can be used in areas where radio transmission is dangerous (a potentially explosive gas area), and cell phone blockers can also be dangerous. The company also uses WiFi jammers to prevent social espionage by blocking the transmission of voice and photos from cameras and cell phones.

I want to tell you that the closer the signal tower, the stronger the phone signal and the worse the interference effect. If the local device is near the signal tower, the GPS jammer may not work because the mobile tower's performance is much higher than the jammer's performance under normal circumstances. We also caution you that low-power GPS jammers used to block high-powered devices (such as high-power Bluetooth wireless routers) may not work properly.

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