People are excited to see that jammers can be used legally

People are excited to see that jammers can be used legally

Do you have unique insights into the legalization of mobile signal jammer? Personally, I think legalization is a good thing so you can avoid illegally using our signals to nuisance noise. On the other hand, you can also control the phone well and have a good civilized life in public places.

Especially given the current mobile penetration rate, some people can understand how to make such calls. After all, they are usually busy with different things and it is difficult to get their own rest time so that nobody wants to be bothered by the phone. Do you think that as science and technology develop, you will accept the demand for mobile WiFi jammers to be legalized? ? How should we deal with it beforehand? In this regard, I conducted a simple questionnaire survey where respondents are mainly divided into age groups, one is teenagers, one is middle aged, and the other is older. They have different views on the matter, but they all aim to protect and exercise their rights to a greater extent. The internet has different views on this matter. People deeply affected by phone noise are eager to see cell phone jammer being legal for individuals to use.

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Whether on the street, in the subway, or in bus waiting areas, we can see many teenagers using smartphones. Most of them use cell phones to play games or view game-related information. Some of them use cell phones to read novels, as well as with friends. Of course, some people watch content related to studying with smartphones, but it is rare. Due to the widespread use of smartphones, it has also caused many public problems in public places including the fact that when the above teenagers use cellphones to play games, they open up to the game sound, which benefits the people around them, a crowd. A bit of noise pollution. They also called loudly in some quiet places, making the effort of other people to rest and read. There are many such things, and almost all of them happen to teenagers. Use GPS jammers in quiet public places.

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