The design idea and development direction of the mobile phone signal jammer for the 6G era

The design idea and development direction of the mobile phone signal jammer for the 6G era

By 2023, the 5G era has been opened for more than four or five years, and the research and development and testing of 6G technology have been steadily advancing. The industry usually expects to fully enter the 6G era by 2030. So, what is the design idea and development direction of the mobile phone signal jammer for the 6G era?

Looking back at the time when mobile phones were upgraded from 2G to 3G, and then from 3G to 4G and 5G, each upgrade cycle was only 5-8 years. The time span for upgrading from 5G to 6G is likely to reach or even exceed 10 years. . Every upgrade in the past will enable new frequency bands to meet the needs of higher network speed and wider bandwidth. The mobile phone signal jammer also adopts the method of continuously increasing and stacking multiple different frequency bands, so as to achieve complete coverage of all mobile phone signal types, in order to achieve a reliable shielding effect.

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In the current 5G era, because the original 2G, 3G and 4G signals have not completely withdrawn from the network, although 4G and 5G signals are the mainstream in cities, in vast rural areas or open areas, 2G and 3G signals are still The main frequency band to maintain the normal communication of mobile phones. Therefore, the cell phone blocker must take into account all mobile phone signals, which makes a 5G mobile phone signal jammer usually need to be equipped with at least 10-12 signal shielding modules, corresponding to different mobile phone standard frequency bands. After the advent of 6G mobile phones in the future, mobile phone jammers that support 6G must also follow up immediately. What is the way to follow up? What can be predicted now is that the future 6G network speed will be faster and the bandwidth will be wider, which will inevitably determine that higher frequency frequency resources may continue to be used in the future. Once this is the case, the future 6G mobile phone signal jammers will increase simultaneously. Higher frequency 6G shielding modules are an inevitable development trend.

However, if we simply increase the frequency band as in the past, it will definitely make the appearance and size of the Weimo 6G mobile phone jammer continue to increase. As a professional manufacturer of mobile phone signal jammers for many years, we put forward our design ideas and development direction: we should focus on the future development trend, and start from the current 5G mobile phone signal jammers. Future module upgrades can reserve the assembly space for new modules. After the 6G module comes out in the future, the original equipment and its modules can continue to be used, so that unnecessary waste will not be caused.

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