Is it necessary to configure high-power UAV jamming equipment in the anti UAV system?

Is it necessary to configure high-power UAV jamming equipment in the anti UAV system?

Anti-drone system is a general term, which can at least include: UAV reconnaissance equipment, UAV data interception equipment, UAV jamming and strike equipment, etc. When the customer was planning the construction plan of the UAV defense system, he had a question about the UAV jamming equipment: Is it necessary to configure high-power UAV jamming equipment in the anti-UAV system?

UAV jamming equipment is usually divided into several types of applications, including: fixed UAV jammers for position defense, vehicle-mounted UAV jammers that can be transferred at any time at the airport, wearable or Portable drone jammer and more. Except for portable ones, the others are basically high-power products, and the RF transmission power of a single frequency band module will reach 10~50W.

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No matter which detection method the drone reconnaissance equipment in the anti-UAV system belongs to, their function is to discover or identify the direction and location of the drone's invasion. Once the UAV target is found, the UAV reconnaissance equipment will output the target data to the control center. At this time, the control center should make a judgment whether to strike. The command is sent to the drone jamming device, and then the drone jamming device quickly starts the jamming strike mode.

What we need to know is that the detection range of most UAV reconnaissance equipment is still relatively large, and the radius can generally reach more than several kilometers. It can be seen from this that the best matching mode for the supporting and linked drone jamming equipment is: its jamming and strike radius on drones is basically the same as the detection radius of drone reconnaissance equipment. This means that the radius of the interference signal is also required to be at least several kilometers. So the final conclusion is: It is recommended that the UAV jamming equipment used in the anti-UAV system should use high-power models.

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