Prisons cannot receive cell phone signals

Prisons cannot receive cell phone signals

There are more than 3,000 prisoners in Delhi's Mandoli Prison (Mandoli). Prison managers are still waiting for 4g phone jammer, so there are no cell phone jammers in prisons. Mandori prison officials opened to prisoners in 2016 to ease the Tihar Prison Complex in Delhi and confirmed that they had not installed any jammers.

This device is used to block signals sent from mobile phones, and even if the prisoner manages to inject the phone, the prisoner will not be able to use the phone in prison. Prisoners in India are prohibited from carrying or using mobile phones. The Mandori prisoners released themselves using something that was undisturbed. They make phone calls, make complaints, make videos and share them with contacts in the city. This is a shy 4G glow.

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In the last two months, Delhi police have reportedly blown up two black mailers operated by prisoners in Mandoli prison. Three prisoners were reportedly arrested on Thursday for obtaining 50,000 rupees from a man in the Gieta colony, who was officially released from prison in this case.

Two days ago, a special team of city police (counterterrorism department) claimed that the murder was avoided by arresting two men. The two men were instructed by Mandori's apprentice to kill them. Police then intercepted calls from Mandori Prison Chandbane (also known as Oman Yadab) to staff Balki Mountain and Mohammed Attic, and reported that they had eliminated the two who did not protect him.

Interior ministry officials said portable jammer recently approved by the government could not be used before. "We have started installing them and are in the process of preparation. It will take some time before we can install them using jammers and the latest technology. Once installed, these devices will be It will be the best and you will not be able to use all your mobile phones in prison. "

Fifteen days ago, a video from a Westerner in Uttar Pradesh showed that a man recorded a video on his mobile phone while cooking in Mandori's cell and became popular on social media. Prison officials said the new prison was equipped with sabotage devices, but the guards instructed him to take close control every day. "High officials instructed us to perform strict security checks and warned of actions to be taken when smuggling phones. In the case of several prisoners using mobile phones, an investigation was ordered. It has been warned that strict measures will be taken to address this issue. That will not happen in the future. "

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