Coverage of French prison blockers reaches 60%

Coverage of French prison blockers reaches 60%

In recent years, mobile phone interference in prisons has become a French subject. Since 2002, the law has allowed the installation of portable jammer in prisons. As of January 1, 2018, a total of 110 prisons were equipped with 894 jammers. Covers 60% of prisons.

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Question: Given the development of mobile phones, older devices show technical limitations. According to the Ministry of Justice, this new cell phone blocker system is suitable not only for 4G, but also for future 5G. It also needs to adapt to the peculiarities of prison buildings (reinforced concrete walls, grills, bars)-restricting the effectiveness of older equipment.

Mary Kleitnott, Director of the International Clerk Observatory Advocate, said: "This masks the real question. Why are people preparing to introduce mobile phones to prisons," added Mary Kleinnot. Reasons: High cost of calling landlines in prison, imposed timetables, lack of privacy. She states: "Mobile phones are always much more beneficial, especially for families whose social and financial conditions are generally unstable."

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