Prison cell phone signal jammer

Prison cell phone signal jammer

Inmates may use fraudulent mobile phones. There is a threat to the general public. Prison deterrents are devices that increase the need for security. Many prisoners use their mobile phones to plan their escape. Jammers are a necessary tool. You can prevent potentially dangerous activities. It has proven to be an excellent deterrent for use in all types of safe facilities. We have installed a high power jammer in the prison.

Thousands of mobile phones are confiscated in prisons each year. There are strict standards for the installation of cell phone jammer. It is designed to disable mobile phones in certain areas. There are many ways to block the signal in prison. One of them uses telephone jamming, which sends a signal so that it does not receive the local signal. Manage fraudulent ringing. Detects mobile phone activity in the specified area. You can ensure the effectiveness. The specific frequency range is adopted.

8 Band 130W 4G 3G WIFI Drone Signal Jammer

I have a little understanding of smartphone signal jammer. We will use this equipment in a large test site. In fact, it is already widely used in prisons before it can be used at the test site. Detainees are prohibited from contact with the outside world. Prisons cannot guarantee that they do not have a cell phone. In this case, WiFi radio shielding plays a role.

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