Jammer in the sample application

Jammer in the sample application

April 15, 2009 - New York - United States

The New York Taxi and Limo Commission is considering a proposal to install cell phone jammers in taxis and limos, to keep taxi drivers off their phones and pay attention to the road. Due to the limited number of signal jammer to be used, the proposal specifies that passengers could still make calls from the back seat. Of course, drivers are in opposition, saying cell phones are essential to their jobs and that would be illegal.

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06 Apr 09 - India

A rise in cell phone use in India has started an unacceptable rise in public rudeness, and the most irritating offenders should be sent to jail - according to India's upper house of parliament.

The country's estimated 277 million-plus mobile users "often create nuisance", said the Petitions Committee, an influential group in the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of parliament.

“They need to know where and how to use the device without annoying others,” he added, while supporting the call for new draconian laws to this effect.

The comments followed a petition filed by Gurjit Singh, a member of the public who notably wanted to ban the carrying of cellphones at funerals and temples and the installation of cellphone jammers in school buildings to prevent students from passing through. calls.

Singh also wants phone companies to deploy equipment to disable cellphones on the roads to prevent traffic accidents. He calls for a law under which civil servants could be imprisoned if they make personal calls with their handsets during office hours.

The measures may seem extreme, but have already won significant support, including from The Times of India, the country's most widely read English-language newspaper.

10 Dec 08 - Tokyo, Japan

Banks in Tokyo have started installing cell phone jammers in strategic ATMs in the district, so that the elderly are not victims of phone fraud. It's a response to fraudsters who target the elderly, asking them to go to the bank and withdraw money from ATMs for a child in need, while staying online, but only for bring these old people down soon after. The devices are said to be low power and only cover an area of ​​about 2 meters.

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