Introduce the cell phone blocker in the hospital

Introduce the cell phone blocker in the hospital

In the information age of rapid development, more and more people are using mobile phones. There are problems with using smartphones. It is necessary to provide a peaceful environment to a sick person. In addition, when entering a room with precise medical equipment such as an inspection room, you must turn off the power to the cellphone. Lots of people forget to cut it. It is necessary to take action. Therefore, we will introduce an obstacle device that suppresses the communication function of the smartphone in the hospital. The principle of this product is that by generating an interference wave with the same frequency as the radio wave received by the cellular phone, the base station is intentionally cut off, demodulation on the terminal side is suppressed and communication becomes impossible.

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There are currently examples of the introduction of signal jammer in other locations. This device is used in cases such as test fields and concert halls. The safety and effectiveness of the hospital is checked by the relevant authorities. This device is also used in experiments in hospitals. Security measures are embodied. It has become an obstacle to the implementation of the ban on the use of cell phones. It is the use of wifi jammer that has the function of making the mobile phone "out of order" in a certain location. Forcibly deactivates cell phones in the area. You can ensure security and protection.

The jamming device installed in the hospital does not affect existing communication systems in the hospital, such as B. PHS in the hospital and telemeter. We would like to license a cell phone jamming transmitter as a radio transmitter or experimental transmitter. Easy to buy online. This device is very effective in hospitals. It protects medical equipment from malfunctioning due to the effects of electromagnetic waves emanating from cell phones. Eliminates problems caused by cell phone use. Prevents badly behaved cellphone users. We offer a peaceful environment.

The limit range of this product may vary depending on the distance from the base station of the cell phone. When the base station is far away the effective range is long and when it is close it is small. The effective range also depends on the distance and the attenuation due to obstacles in the way. I think this device will be useful in hospitals.

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