Are you still using free WIFI?

Are you still using free WIFI?

It is no longer a secret that almost every country, city, restaurant, café and public place has access to free WiFi. We couldn't imagine a life without WiFi and internet. Our cell phones, tablets and other devices are connected to WiFi day and night. We know that WiFi is wireless technology with the help of which we can easily exchange our information and data with each other within a short distance using 2.4 GHz frequency band.

WiFi is a very convenient way to share files, videos, and music at home and in the office. Besides, WiFi is easy to set up and use in daily life. But there is one major drawback. You can easily share your information with your friends and colleagues, but that information could also easily be stolen. To solve such a problem, wireless jammer was created. Due to WiFi blocker you can be sure that your data will be kept in privacy and secrecy and no one will use your data for their personal benefit. Such a blocker solves the problem of information stealing, but it's not the whole list of jamming benefits. Also, it helps you to keep in secrecy your location by blocking WiFi signals.

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Law enforcement agencies, spies and even the common man can set up microphones or hidden cameras in your office or home, see and hear everything you do or say by using WiFi connection. Not only, WiFi and Bluetooth work at 2.4 GHz frequency, but also unmanned aerial vehicles and some drones. So, WiFi blockers in a device, such as wifi jammer, can restrict you from intruders.

If data theft protection is valued at your site, wireless jammers can cold wifi, lock hidden cameras and stop covert signals. Prevent costly data loss by blocking information leaks that the company could trade, especially for those who are on the leading edge of research and development.

Using the WiFi / Bluetooth jammer to gain the security condition for the network is really in need and again this is a way to protect privacy as well that is really beneficial to people and especially important in some places where the wireless network is as well as bluetooth may also be used. And now the wifi jammer bluetooth jammer with different jamming removed, different power, but also different appearance are. Precisely based on the needs, people can soon choose the most suitable WiFi bluetooth signal blocker for security usage.

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