Interfering devices can solve some simple communication problems

Interfering devices can solve some simple communication problems

The Government of Canada has launched a 90-day public comment period to license technology licenses to prevent improper use of mobile phones in restaurants, theaters and concert halls. With the exception of Israel, most countries ban the use of technologies that jam GPS jammer or block cell phone signals. David Warns, senior advisor to Spectrum Policy, said the Canadian Ministry of Industry wants to "make mobile phone silencers available to as many listeners as possible." According to Vaughan, Ottawa's Ministry of Industry of Canada wants to help the public decide whether to consider applying for a license for these devices.

Mr Warns said Canada will decide to change its current licensing policy by the end of the year. This prohibits the use of portable sabotage technology by public security, law enforcement, and other government agencies. Mark Joma, a spokesman for the Ottawa Canadian Radio Communications Association, said that technologies that could interfere with the use of mobile phones in Canada need to remain illegal, primarily because they can interfere with public security communications. I think. He states: "Public safety is our primary concern, as many fire and police stations use the same frequencies as payphone systems."

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Qiao Ma said he believes that social pressure will ultimately delay the aggressive use of mobile phones in inappropriate locations. "Over time, society will determine acceptable behavior," he said. The Canada Radio Advisory Board (RABC), an industry group of Ottawa-based equipment manufacturers and service providers, said the technology could be used by the Canadian Ministry of Industry and mobile phone silencer manufacturers to "legally impact." "I will receive it," he said. RABC's Mobile and Personal Communications Commission, in a position paper published in November, partially stated: "Rejection of service (especially emergency services) can have a legal impact on service providers. The Ministry of Industry of Canada, Jam Technology Providers and RABC all disclose venue operators (such as concert halls). The venue operator suffered some damage or loss, especially if lives were lost or killed. "

The use of cell phone scrambler is "a simple matter," said Elliott Hamilton, an analyst at the Washington Strategic Group. Entrepreneurs must be able to accomplish what they want to do on their premises. Unless their signal goes into public, I won't find any interference. "

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