Have you installed a signal jammer when the mobile phone signal is not good?

Have you installed a signal jammer when the mobile phone signal is not good?

If your cell phone signal is poor, you can install a signal jammer. The goal is to get everyone to install broadband. This is real? Many people are skeptical about this issue, friends who live in the city can observe more.

I don’t know if you have found that the mobile phone signal is often bad or no signal indoors, but the outdoor mobile phone signal is very good.

Especially in the past when the signal was very good and can be used normally, but recently the mobile phone signal is poor or there is no signal, you can install a signal shield.

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Why would anyone want to set up a signal shield? Some towns in the urban area can install one or two broadband by default, while others cannot. Distorted ideas can lead to benefits and performance. Now 4G and 5G network speeds are very fast, and mobile phone traffic can meet the needs of most people. No one wants to install broadband Wifi, and some people have unlimited mobile phone traffic and do not need to install broadband.

Of course, in addition to the signal jammer that will affect the signal of the mobile phone, it is very likely that a signal amplifier is installed, resulting in confusion and poor signal of the mobile phone.

Urban villages lack dense houses and signal coverage. Some buildings may have poor or no signal. Landlords install signal amplifiers to retain tenants. If more signal amplifiers are installed, signal confusion and signal degradation may occur. .

As for the places where the signal amplifier is not installed, the signal is not good, there is a signal, but the network is blocked or the network is very blocked. In this case, the network is hijacked.

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