Are bomb jammers dangerous?

Are bomb jammers dangerous?

The "bomb jammer" debate over Magistrate "Di Matteo"'s car is back in vogue these days. This topic deserves more in-depth study with experts in the field, rather than getting politicians ready to post some consensus here and there.

Let's assume that every jamming device is bad for the human body, and the more power it has, the more damage it will cause to your health. Inaccurately from the statement of Undersecretary of Defense Gioacchino Alfano: "The type of jammers (called jammers) used by the Italian army in theater of operations, including Afghanistan, have small and medium capacities". Again: "The system cannot harm the health of people (operators and strangers) due to limited power" is inaccurate due to lack of competence and ignorance.

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"Bomb jammers," which are real, not fictional, must have a certain output power to be able to neutralize any radio transmissions within a range set to be safe; generally 100-1000 meters. To be able to interfere with such a large area requires an output power of 25-200W per channel; with all the necessary frequency cuts you can easily get a 1.000W device! Installing a less powerful device means making it useless.

The military using "bomb jammers", like various presidents of the United States, visits foreign countries and installs them on separate special vehicles. In short, if you want to give "Di Matteo" a bomb signal jammer, you should first consider offering a new car specifically designed to mount the device.

This isn't just because constant exposure to these waves can cause damage; it's also because bomb jammers are a sizeable device that also requires a separate power source.

We were astonished to read these statements from an undersecretary of defense, and we were astonished at the lack of competence and superficiality on this topic.

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