Advanced jammers will cause trouble for the U.S. military

Advanced jammers will cause trouble for the U.S. military

The author is a US Air Force intelligence officer assigned to the Pentagon. After an interesting description of the problem, he came to the following conclusions:
“Military officers and war planners need to better understand how their operations rely on GPS jammer and develop redundancy when layoffs are withheld from those capabilities. We expressly agree and recommend the same for critical infrastructures and other important civil applications.

In 2007, the Chinese military used an anti-satellite weapon (ASAT) to shoot down a weather satellite.
The shooting sent a message to the world that Beijing is capable of destroying satellites flying in low Earth orbit (approximately 99 to 1,200 miles from Earth) where there are many vital US space resources.

For the past three decades, the US military and civil society have relied entirely on wifi jammer. They represent the best innovations in the United States, but they also have strategic weaknesses.

China and Russia are increasingly concerned that the United States may intervene in areas they believe have geopolitical influence, including Beijing, the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait, rather than Russia and neighboring countries. The United States' denial of the ability to harness vital space resources can effectively level the playing field in regional disputes with Beijing or Moscow, both of which have invested billions of dollars in anti-space weapons.

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In a war with China or Russia, space will be the largest size. To better resolve disputes about the space environment, the Department of Defense needs to get rid of the notion that space is a vast field faster and emphasize the close links between space and ground, air, combat forces and air. Ocean.

To understand the importance of space, it is useful to consider a day without space infrastructure (military and civil). When there is disruption, people cannot withdraw money from ATMs (ATMs use GPS time signals), all commercial aircraft are grounded, and many smart technologies are dwarfed.

For the military, the US military will lose its precision aiming capability, use key reconnaissance satellites that provide the United States with the most valuable information, the ability to communicate with troops around the world, and GPS-based land, sea, and air navigation. .. Space assets are the driving force behind tactical and theater-level intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platforms (e.g. if there is no space the US military will lose the ability to quickly and effectively integrate all acts of war, whatever can be devastating in a conflict with Russia or China.

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