5G mobile phone signal jammer parameters

5G mobile phone signal jammer parameters

5G signaling is the hottest topic of the year, and the construction of 5G base stations across China has begun to implement 5G signal coverage. How convenient is it to use 5G signals? On the morning of May 10th, Hunan 5g Digital Industry Association and 5g + started the ceremony at Changsha Meishif International Cultural Arts Center, started the ceremony, Hunan Mobile and Shojiang, Hunan University, Shojiang Hospital, Banda Environment, Cool Wow Banda Partners have signed strategic agreements such as the establishment of a general 5g Digital Industry Alliance to speed up the development of 5g application innovation. On the experience site, Revo, the general manager of the Hunan Mobile Changsha Branch, also passed the first 5G video call with Changsha City's Deputy Director, State Shijun, a standing member of the Changsha City Tianxin District Committee. .. It's possible how convenient 5G will bring to people.

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As a new information technology infrastructure that can provide at least 10 times the peak rate of 4g, transmission delays of millisecond, and billions of levels of connectivity, 5G is an automated driving, big health medicine, industrial internet, city of wisdom, Internet infrastructure to build things, high-definition video application scenarios to drive the Internet, big data fusion, artificial intelligence, and real economic depth are critical to supporting high-quality development. is. It also brings about the rapid development of science and technology.

"3G, 4G, probably low and long wavelengths, at which high frequencies can resonate with some of the vibrational frequencies of water molecules and oxygen." After the advent of 5G, future technological advances in 5G Not only do we need to enjoy the convenience and convenience, but we also need to pay attention to the effects of electromagnetic waves on the human body.

China Mobile and China Unicom have issued a license to use low and medium frequency test frequencies in 5G systems. Among them, China Telecom and China Unicom have obtained licenses for test frequencies in the 3500MHz band, and China Mobile has obtained licenses for test frequencies in the 2600MHz band and 4900MHz band. Therefore, it is safe to use a 5g phone jammer within the range. China Unicom and China Telecommunications have secured a more international mainstream spectrum, but the story of China Mobile is much more complicated. In terms of subdivision, China Mobile has acquired 5G test frequency resources in the bands 2515mhz-2675mhz and 4800mhz-4900mhz. Among them, 2515-2575mhz, 2635-2675mhz, 48800-4900mhz bands were newly added, and 2575 bands were added. -2635mhz prioritized China Mobile's existing td-lte (4G) frequency.

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