Pocket Mini Mobile Phone Blocker Anti Remote Control


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Suitable as a mobile phone information security bag, with the function of "mobile phone rest bag". For example, when you place your mobile phone inside the information security bag, it will be in a strictly protected state, while the phone itself will "sleep" and not be controlled by any remote control device. The cell phone signal jammer bag can anti-demagnetization of all kinds of memory CARDS and electronic products that with storage media ; Protect your body from electromagnetic radiation of mobile phone. Mainly suitable for soldiers, law enforcement personnel, company leaders, engineers, civil servants, information processing personnel, pregnant women and so on , commonly used in confidential meeting place, business negotiation, information communication hub, high-end restaurant, etc. .

Main Functions:
- First. Block cell phone signal :
Put the phone into the cell phone signal shielding bag , the phone will be in a strictly protected state. When it is not controlled by any remote control device , the phone itself will "go to sleep" . When someone dials the phone, they will receive a notification that the user you are calling is temporarily out of service.
- Second. Anti-demagnetization :
When put all kinds of storage CARDS and electronic products with storage media into the security bag of mobile phone, it can protect the stored data and information, eliminate static electricity, reduce the interference of electromagnetic field on the storage content, and prevent data loss.
- Third. Electromagnetic radiation protection :
Put the mobile phone into the safety bag, Open placement can play a role in preventing the electromagnetic radiation of the mobile phone, protect the health care function of the body.

Suitable Place:

- First: suitable place for mobile phone and other communication terminal Confidentiality venue, conference, commercial negotiation, bidding venue, etc;
Political, scientific, and economic secret places;
Information and communication hub, important warehouse: war room, information room, confidential room, oil depot, etc;
Private places for rest and leisure, such as libraries, hospitals, high-end restaurants, cinemas, resorts, tourist attractions, nightclubs, bars, etc;
- Second: all kinds of storage CARDS and storage electronic products applicable place
Office, laboratory, automobile;
Areas where electrostatic may be generated;
Areas where strong electromagnetic field may be generated;
Fourth. The battlefield of electronic warfare;

Applicable People:

- People who carry all kinds of memory CARDS and storage electronic products
- People who want to politely decline calls
- Military personnel, law enforcement personnel and personnel with access to state secrets
- People who contact and custody of professional or technical secrets, such as company leaders, engineers, civil servants, information processing personnel, etc
- Pregnant women, heart disease with wave device and other electromagnetic radiation that threat to the population

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Zaid Abushawareb
it can really isolate the signal!

I bought 6 of them to put them in the meeting room of my company, because confidentiality requires that we do not allow any information to leak out, it can really isolate the signal!