Why do the same WiFi jammers interfere more outdoors than indoors?

I tested the same jammer both indoors and outdoors and found that the shielding radius was farther outdoors than indoors. what is the reason?

Topsignaljammer  2022.3

First of all, the comparison of this effect must be the same mobile phone signal jammer, because the effects of different power cell phone jammers themselves are different, and the comparison is meaningless.

Secondly, since the signal strength of the indoor and outdoor itself is different, the shielding distance of the signal jammer must be different, but it is impossible to tell who is near and who is far.

If there is a signal amplifier installed on the indoor ceiling, but not near the outdoor, then the distance of the shielding device indoors must be smaller than the outdoor one.

On the contrary, if there is no signal amplifier indoors, no matter whether there is outdoor or not, the shielding device at this time must be more effective indoors than outdoors. Of course it must be an empty room indoors.